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The default set of brushes in Procreate might get the job done for most people but they are far from perfect when it comes to fulfilling the community’s needs. And now, you have a reliable alternative that satisfies way more art styles.

In Azzylum’s brush set for Procreate, you have soft blending and clear strokes-based brushes, which are great for details, realistic artworks, and even comics. If the sample artworks are to be believed, you can get almost anything done with these brushes. Moreover, because the set only has 29 brushes, it is much easier to get them to work with each other. So, if you want a newer, reliable all-purpose free Procreate brush set, this is a smart choice.

Number of Brushes: 29
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The brushes are designed with the focus on the pen sensivity to achieve SAI-like smooth strokes and soft blending ideal for paintings and flat-colored illustrations. It also works well with the manga style and semi-realistic styles. 

Recommended Canvas size: 2300x2300 (and above) with 300 DPI.

I hope you like them. Have fun!

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List of the brushes:

- Eye Lightpen (for eye highlights)

- Smudge

- Lineart Clean Smooth (Standart lineart for flat colored drawings)

- Lineart Smooth Fast (Fast strokes; good for outer hair strokes)

- Lineart Soft Small (For finest details)

- Color Quick Flat Square (Standart square brush)

- Color Flat Hard (For flat coloring/shading)

- Color Flat Medium 

- Color Flat Soft

- Round Brush (Can be used for blending)

- Medium Airbrush (For softer shadows)

- Soft Airbrush (For blush)

- Medium Airbrush Blender (Soft blending)

- Marker Blocky Smooth (Square brush for coloring and/or blending with the lineart)

- Marker Smooth Lineart (Square smooth lineart)

- Marker Lines (For more defined sketching)

- Marker Sketchy Soft (For softer sketches)

- Blur Hard Round (Round blur)

- Blur hard Square (Square blur)

- Blur Airbrush Soft (Very soft blur)

- Brush Lines (can be used for refining the edges while blending)

- Blender 1A Medium Color 

- Blender 1A Softer Color

- Blender Soft

- Blender Square Strong

- Blender 1A Square Medium Color

- Blender 1A Soft Square

- Blender1 Soft Square



Azzylum Default Brush Set for Procreate by Azzylum | Cartoons & Comics Azzylum Default Brush Set for Procreate by Azzylum | Cartoons & Comics Azzylum Default Brush Set for Procreate by Azzylum | Cartoons & Comics



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