24 Grain and Speckle brushes for Procreate by Friday Supply

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24 useful Procreate brushes for shading and texturing. Take a look at the preview pictures to see what you get. 

Grain and speckle brushes are two types of brushes available in Procreate that are designed to add texture and depth to digital artwork.
Grain brushes mimic the look of textured materials such as sandpaper, canvas, or woodgrain, allowing artists to add a tactile feel to their designs. They can be used to add a subtle texture to backgrounds, create a distressed or vintage look, or add visual interest to flat areas of color.
Speckle brushes, on the other hand, add a scattered, speckled effect to artwork. These brushes are commonly used for creating realistic-looking skin tones or adding a natural, organic feel to designs such as leaves or flowers. They can also be used to create abstract textures or add a dynamic quality to artwork.
Both grain and speckle brushes can be customized in Procreate, allowing artists to adjust the size, shape, and intensity of the texture effect. This gives them a lot of versatility when it comes to incorporating these brushes into their work.



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