Free Manga Ink Brush G-pen for Procreate by GeorgBrush

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Licence: Free for non commercial use only. . Please check author page for more information.

This G-PEN (Gペン) is a pressure and speed sensitive, flexible brush for inking shōnen mangas and comics in Procreate. It comes in three versions:
  • The G-PEN: classic g-pen nib
  • The G-PEN taper: tapered line for detail work and cross hatching
  • The G-PEN streamline: stroke correction for clean, straight lines and effects


I'm happy to give this brush away for free, but if you can afford it and want to support my work on new cool brushes, please consider making a small donation (pay what you want). Thank you :)

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"The g-pen is a pen nib which is originally used for writing letters in the old days. G-pens are the most famous type of pen nib used by professional mangakas. These pen nibs can produce both thick and thin lines depending on the amount of pressure applied from our hand towards the paper. Among all the other pen nibs in manga g-pens can produce the thickest line. G-pens are mostly used for shonen manga genres (such as action, sports, etc) since most shonen manga uses thick lines to deliver strong impressions to the readers."

NOTE: You need Procreate (iOS App) to use the brushes. A pressure sensitive stylus is recommended, but not necessary.

Free Manga Ink Brush G-pen for Procreate by GeorgBrush | Pencil & Ink



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