8 Free Pro Illustration Procreate Brushes by Asia Orlando Brushes for Procreate: This free pack includes a handpicked selection of some of the most popular brushes from Asia Orlando's premium my Procreate packs. Try out these amazing the brushes so you can find which of the premium packs you may like to purchase!
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8 FREE PRO Illustration Procreate Brushes | Sample Pack Freebie 1.0 | Includes the best Brushes from all of my sets! | Asia Orlando Brushes


This FREE pack includes a handpicked selection of my favorite brushes from each of my Procreate packs. So you can have an idea of how amazing the brushes in those packs are. This is only 8 FREE BRUSHES from a total of 230 brushes and Procreate tools! check them out


Included in this FREE Set:

Noise Crayon - This is one of my favorite brushes when I want to add some texture while filling in color. I like that it's very easy to control it, add more pressure or layers to control the amount of grain and texture or achieve plain color. You will find this brush in my brush pack called " Grain & Noise"

Gouache Water Brush - I love all gouache-based digital brushes, and this one from "Mixed Media' brush pack is one of the ones I use the most. It gives you a sheer glaze, so it's perfect when you want to layer up brush strokes. I use it mostly to draw water surfaces but also often for the sky, whenever I want to add a slight gradient.

Charcoal Bar V2 - I love the texture of this one! You see me use it mostly when working on finishing touches, adding some extra final lines. What I like most about this brush is a pretty precise stroke, but still with a nicely balanced texture and very natural feel. You will find this one in my Sketch Toolkit.

Thick Line Marker - Whenever I need a marker effect, that's the brush I'll use. In "Artist Pack" you will find several marker brushes, so if it's a tool you use a lot in your work, I'm sure you're gonna love the rest. I use this particular one whenever I add some lettering or small details.

Wet Strong Brush - My favorite when covering big spaces with one color! It's slightly translucent and with a very subtle wet texture, so the colored space doesn't look too sleek or "digital" and still has that delicate effect of handmade art. You will find this one in the Artist Pack.

Chalky Noise - One of my favorites to add some final texture. It's super easy to use and very responsive when applying pressure. You can also layer it for a more bold effect but I like using a delicate layer just to add some noise on top . It's part of the Sketch Toolkit

Dry Pastel - One of my absolute favorite sketching brushes from Sketch Toolkit. I use it as a small brush for sketching my personal and client illustrations, and I increase its size when I draw parts of landscapes with it in the final color artwork.

Cracked Shadows - Originally you will find it in the Artist Pack. I like adding it on top of color to add some cracked texture. It will blend very well and it's partly transparent. But that's not all you can use it for! For some time it's been my favorite as a smudge tool. Try it out for yourself!







All the tools and brushes I created are supposed to feel like real-life tools, if you have paper-like for example on your iPad, you might feel you are drawing with a real pencil. I cannot wait for the day that the iPad pencil will have some sort of physical feedback when drawing, so I can include that also into the brushes. With the download, you also get access to my FREE newsletter publication!



I've been working with Procreate for a few years now, and it's my go-to tool for personal and professional work. During that time I've been creating and perfecting more and more brushes to meet a particular need for my artwork. I love adding texture, noise, and grain to my work, it gives an extra layer of detail. If you are familiar with my work, you will recognize a lot of textures and grains from my illustrations.




The answer is Yes! I'm planning to update the brushes regularly, to make sure the brushes are compatible with the last Procreate version. And Also I will create more that might fit perfectly with an existing set, so you get the update for FREE. With this October 2020 release users that bought my first packs and bundles during 2020 just received an update that made all existing brushes compatible with the last Procreate 5X version and I added more bushes to each pack, with a total of 8 new ones for free.

8 Free Pro Illustration Procreate Brushes by Asia Orlando | Cartoons & Comics 8 Free Pro Illustration Procreate Brushes by Asia Orlando | Cartoons & Comics



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